Tantra yoga  – in-depth studies – Agama Yoga style

A structured and in-depth 7 month course of Tantra Yoga.
In these teachings you will discover the hidden secrets of yoga that helped millions of people live happily and meaningful life, in physical, emotional and mental health.

From Passion to Love

Sacred Tantric relationships training, a profound course of 8 meetings of traditional tantra dedicated to deepen into love and intimacy, transforming relationships into sacred journey and dealing with sublimation of the sexual energy during love making.

The secret of Polarity

The relationship’s secret between man and woman according to the Chakras – the centers of force and knowledge in our being. A journey into the depth of the traditional Tantra Yoga knowledge of the Chakras, with focus on the polarity between man and woman.
The differences, the psychological and the energetic influences of the Chakras at our relationships.

Traditional Tantric Rituals

These Tantric rituals take place every new moon and every full moon – they are unique, fascinating and exciting rituals that focuses on the admiration and devotion to the Tantric Goddess or God, in the human form or in different expressions they assume.
Rituals that awaken our senses and consciousness. Rituals in couples or alone that connects us through the hearts. into unity.
The rituals are made with a lot of care and attention to the small details and are faithful to tradition.

Yoni puja, Shivalingam puja, awakening the goddess puja, transfiguration, the 5 elements puja and more…

yoga coaching and private classes

Tantra yoga is a path that give us wonderful tools to achieve many of our personal goals.
in the yoga coaching we will meet in private– one on one, face to face and together we will build a practice program designed especially for you needs.
Do you want to be more focused in your work? Do you want to open your heart? to develop self confidence? to build your own session designed to your own special need?
Tantra can help you with that.

Traditional tantra yoga

In Israel we meet every Wednesday, once a week, to practice yoga.
To join us please call me at: 054-9400677

Shaktihood – women workshops

Shaktihood is the name I choose to use for the women meetings and workshops I lead around the world.
I share with women who arrives to the meetings the way of “Feminine Being”, the Love and the joy of life.

The meetings can be a merging of any thing from wisdom, knowledge, meditations, hatha yoga, dance and spontaneity… I invite all women who want to learn or to discover their true nature or those who want to share their inner beauty and blossoming with us into ShaktiHood.

The Call of the Priestess

Temple arts training

 “This is a call for women to know and believe in the holiness of their bodies, the sacredness of their dance and the power of their voice”

An immersion into ancient temple Dance practices, Tantric Rituals, pure expression, holistic movement arts and Tantra Yoga.

The Magic
Naama Hanegbi and Tarika Chetan

An honest, brave and magical journey towards a life of satisfaction, thrills and meaning.

Do you keep repeating the same behaviors that keeps you in the same place?
Do you feel you have not fulfilled yourself in many fields as you with to?
Are you unsatisfied from where you are in life?
Have you tried changing things so many times and haven’t yet succeeded?

In a tempting and special encounter of Tantra, Buddhism, Osho, NLP, secret rituals and more,
We will update old “programs” and beliefs and get released from patterns that holds us back.
We will learn to live out of free choices and how to bring ourselves with full power to a life full of satisfaction, fulfillment and meaning.
This is an opportunity to fall in love with yourself and your life once again.

“Tantra in the city”- A day of Tantric love in TLV

A day of immersion into the teaching of sacred love making
learning from the book “Making Love the Divine way” of Barry long
tantric heart meditations in couples
and a Tantric Ritual.