✿•´*¨`.•*¨`*•✿ `*•. ✿ Magic ✿•´*¨`.•*¨`*•✿ `*•. ✿

The Magic – Naama Hanegbi and Tarika Chetan

an honest, brave and magical journey towards a life of satisfaction, thrills and meaning.

do you keep repeating the same behaviors that keeps you in the same place?
do you feel you have not fulfilled yourself in many fields like you want?
are you unsatisfied from where you are in life?
have you tried changing things so many times and haven’t yet succeeded?

in a tempting and special encounter of tantra, buddhism, osho, NLP, secret rituals and more,
we will update old “programs” and beliefs and get released from patterns that holds us back,
we will learn to live out of free choices
and how to bring ourselves with full power to a life full of satisfaction, fulfillment and meaning.
this is an opportunity to fall in love with your life once again.

the Magic- is far more than a workshop, it’s a process, a journey.
a journey of awakening and remembering what we really want.
an experiential process, exciting and very well thought, a skillful fascinating combination between meditation and therapy, of modern and traditional techniques,
that gives us tools for invoking a meaning and having a thrill from the everyday moments of our lives.

This workshop is being facilitated by
Naama Hanegbi  – a traditional tantra teacher
and Tarika Chetan, an Osho NLP therapist.
together they create real magic….