What is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient spiritual path that refers to all aspects of life as an opportunity for union. For the tantric practitioner every moment in life, every situation , every action from bodily thought and speech – everything- becomes an opportunity for unity.

-it is a way that enables us to live the present moment with fullness presence and pure heart joy. The tantric path gives very practical and effective tools to purify mind and different layers of body, so we can experience unity and joy.

 Nowadays, in the west, the tantra is directly linked to sexuality and is perceived as a special and exotic way to have sex. this perception is far from reality. Looking at tantra’s sexual aspect is like catching an elephant’s trunk and say “that’s an elephant”.

because every moment in life is an opportunity for the tantric practitioner to experience and be in unity– as is the union between the mail and female parts inside one, still it is not the main focus in tantra and far from being the definition of it.

the meaning of the word tantra is “a tool for expanding consciousness”. the expansion of consciousness itself brings one to unity and joy.

the tantra uses all aspects of life as an opportunity for practice without any exceptions. That’s why every person can (and should) practice this path.

My Tantra
I look at every moment of life as a spiritual tool and a tantric practice.
I love bringing people to meet at core of heart with devotion, with rituals, with joy and sacredness of the heart.
I lead Traditional Hindu Tantric rituals, Tantric ritual for couples, Tantra workshops and long courses.