Naama Hanegbi

About Naama

I commenced my journey with my childhood around the age of four, practicing yoga with my mother, in my youth I continued by myself learning mainly from books, as I was always attracted to the mysteries of the universe I read the ones that had spiritual content and considered them to be my teachers along with nature, though, I knew books weren’t enough, secretly I hoped to find a spiritual community along with a teacher I can learn from and practice accordingly, revealing  a new dimension.

In 2002, I traveled to Rishikesh, India, soon I was to found my teacher, my first yoga school, “Agama Yoga”, since then I devoted my life to studies, practice and servicing my teacher.

I lived 5 years in Thailand, learning deeply Tantric Indian philosophy and the teachings of the advaita (non-duality) philosophy, both with my revered  teachers Swami Vivekananda and  Sahajananda (Claudio Trandefir)

I devoted my spare time in Thailand to be a part of a woman group named  the “Shakti Group” where I learned much about sisterhood according to the tantric tradition by Dr. michaella pantiuc.

over the years, mostly after I left Thailand I deepen myself in the teachings and practice of Tarvaveda Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism with my teacher “Namkai Norbo Rinpuche”

I found great joy with blessing at work, learning meditations from Osho.

I see the unity behind all the traditions and therefore learning and practicing a lot of them.

I gathered additional knowledge from Judaism and Christianity, I enjoy watching how “all the rivers ends up at the ocean” , how all these beautiful traditions leads in amazing ways to the same truth. to unity.

in 2005 I came back to Thailand and started to teach under the supervision of my first teacher Swami Vivekananda I taught  many classes at his school and gradually I started teaching classes and workshops around the world.

Thailand, Canada, Europe and Israel, I’m a practitioner and teaching traditional Tantric Yoga, hosting Tantric ceremonies, women workshops, yoga and meditation practice.

Since 2002 , I lived and learned from great teachers coming from different religions  and traditions.
and since 2005 I teach Tantric yoga,  I hold Tantric traditional Hindu Rituals, Rituals for couples, Workshops, Long Courses and weekly classes from the Tantric tradition, I love to combine tradition with modern Technics,

I develop and renew my classes and workshops all the time, finding new ways to experience our moment here and now, to share, celebrate, deepen and love.