The Call of the Priestess

with Zola Dubnikova and Naama Hanegbi

~ This is a call for women ~ To return to the Temple
~ for the awakening of the heart ~
~ and the feminine essence~
~ healing and sisterhood ~

"This dance is a prayer.
A prayer for the earth, and therefore a prayer for women. This is a call for women to know and believe in the holiness of their bodies. The sacredness of their dance and the power of their voice.
A prayer for all women who do not express themselves, who hold themselves back, who do not know their own power as creators, as healers, as givers of life”.

~ Sisters ~
our call for you is a call for the women to return to the temple

come join us for:
Sacred Dance Ritual
Dance Medicine
Sacred Tantric Ritual
Temple Arts & Mysticism for Women
Powerful Ancient teachings applied for modern women
Sharing of the Heart
and healing practices drawn across time & worlds

Zola and Naama in a perfect combination of Temple Dance and Traditional Tantra

one full day in our Urban Temple of the divine Goddess
Transformation through pleasure, beauty and love

this is an invitation to dive deeply into your feminine essence in healing and sisterhood in the path of the great priestess.
leading to trance and ecstasy, experiencing and celebrating Shakti within

What are we actually doing there?

* We will learn elements of the holistic dance language developed by Zola Dubnikova,
* practice sacred dance ritual & become initiated into temple arts for the contemporary female seeker
* we will hear an introduction about the temple arts in connection to feminine spirituality
* we will speak and share some of our deep heart desires
* we will perform together a tantric ritual for women

and more than everything ~ we are going to celebrate together our feminine essence in it’s full splendor

about the teachers

Naama Hanegbi (Kamala) 

teaching traditional indian tantra, yoga tantra and leading sacred traditional tantric rituals and rituals for couples or women.
Have been walking the path of Tantra with great love for 13 years.
Naama is known to create very immersive and beautiful events, rituals and workshops; her work is known to touch the profound levels of the opening of the heart, softness and magic.
read more: http://goo.gl/7llMgU

Zola Dubnikova:

International dance artist and teacher, Zola Dubnikova offers her unique holistic dance technique of healing and movement arts. after traveling into sacred dance and culture across many worlds, she is merging the wisdom of ancient traditions with contemporary movement science and somatics.
read more: http://goo.gl/XFLgZi

together – Zola and Naama feel a deep longing to unite together to bring into life the temple arts and invite women to return to the temple
bringing joy, healing and beauty into themselves and the world

Videos of Zola ~ invocations for women:


Studio Kanta
14th Karlibach Street, 1st floor


March 28th

how much?

– 250 ISL – Early bird investment until March 22nd
– 300 ISL – after march 22nd

We keep this special day for selected group of women
women who chose the path of healing into priesthood
women who wish to transform into their inner gift of infinite beauty

Only 18 places for this special day
Be one of the lucky women in this temple!

For registration and more info please contact Lia

for email contact: shaktihood@gmail.com

“Come be with us
be in us
be what you are
and dance in the temple of life”